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Our Story

We are the designers behind MEkey ICE USB ID Tags.  The inspiration for MEkey Emergency USB ICE Tags came during the planning for a 4000 mile motorbike trip which took in nine countries throughout Europe.

The idea behind Tap4ICE ID has come from chatting to people who would rather have something they can setup and forget about and have it available in 'the cloud'.

After looking at several options (including QR code based systems) we decided to go forward with NFC as its an emerging new technology that will be available in all new smartphones by the end of 2015. 

We like to take technology and make it easy to use - with Tap4ICE ID we think we have achieved this.

Over the next few months we are hoping to develop a wristband, keyfob and ICE card (credit card sized) along with our initial release of ICE ID stickers.

Along with motorbike trips the people behind Tap4ICE ID also ski, climb, hill walk and at times are lone workers so they know the importance of 'In Case of Emergency' or ICE.

Boss's motto

Simplify technology for everyday use