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Biker ICE ID

Biker ICE ID

Biker ICE – Our Tap4ICE ID for bikers allows you to carry your essential I.D, medical details and ICE contacts for emergency services to access with the tap of a phone.  No QR codes to scan and can be accessed world wide via phone, tablet, PC.

There is nothing better than setting off on a journey on the bike, whether its the daily commute or a days long trip.  But every motorcyclist knows the risks of each journey – you never know whats round the next corner.

Figures show motorcyclists and cyclists are about 75 times more likely to be involved in a serious accident than car drivers.

Tap4ICE ID will not stop the accident happening, but it will help if you are involved in an accident and can’t talk for yourself.  Vital emergency and medical information can be in the hands of first responders within seconds.

By either tapping the sticker with an NFC enabled phone, or entering the unique code on the website, your Emergency Contacts, Medical and Allergy Infomation is displayed on the mobile device within seconds… saving precious time that could be the difference between life and death.

All this information without someone searching pockets, moving you or having to remove the helmet.

If you cant speak for yourself Tap4ICE ID becomes the key to who you are

Quick and easy to set up, place the sticker in an obvious position and then ride with peace of mind as you never know whats round the next corner.

For more information and to purchase click the Tap4ICE Biker ID Sticker

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