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nfc emergency id sticker

Emergency ID Using NFC Technology

Using state of the art NFC technology allows Tap4ICE ID stickers to give emergency personnel access to vital ID in just seconds. A quick tap of the sticker with a NFC enabled smart phone gives first responders and other health professionals access to Vital information when t ...

medical id sticker

NFC Emergency ID Stickers

Taking QR coded stickers to the next level – We have removed the QR code and added a NFC tag.  This allows a smartphone with NFC enabled to just tap the sticker to retrieve vital information. Simple to use, displays the paramedic star and ICE which makes them easily recognis ...

cyclists emergency id stickers

Emergency ID Stickers for Cycling

Setup the online profile and stick the sticker to your cycle helmet.  It’s not just a piece of kit – it’s peace of mind. For more information – Cyclist Emergency ID Stickers

worker emergency id

Work Site Emergency ID

Worksite Safety Helmet Identity Stickers – Because hard helmets are manditory on the worksite, the worker will always have their contact details with them.  The Tap4ICE ID stickers allow each worker to carry their ICE emergency contacts, medical and allergy information ...

biker id nfc emergency stickers

Biker ICE ID

Biker ICE – Our Tap4ICE ID for bikers allows you to carry your essential I.D, medical details and ICE contacts for emergency services to access with the tap of a phone.  No QR codes to scan and can be accessed world wide via phone, tablet, PC. There is nothing better t ...