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How Tap4ICE ID Works

All Tap4ICE ID products (stickers / wristbands / keyfobs and cards) all have an embedded NFC tag encoded with a link to your online emergency profile.  This contains vital emergency ID, ICE contacts, medical information and allergies.

All paramedics or emergency personnel need to do is tap the sticker with a compatible NFC enabled mobile / Smartphone device.  Then your Emergency contacts, medical and allergy infomation is displayed on the mobile device within seconds.

If no NFC mobile device is available the emergency profile can still be easily accessed via tablet, phone or PC with an internet connection using the unique code printed on the device or sticker.

Medical Profile

Online Emergency Profile

If you can fill out an online form - you can set up your emergency online profile.  The form consists of simple tick boxes and free text areas.

The form guides you through entering the information required to build up your online medical profile.  There are several items of information that are not included for reasons of ID theft:

  • Date of Birth is not required - but only Year of Birth is required (to show your age)
  • No ICE contact addresses are required - In an emergency phone contacts are all thats required.
  • Your own address is not required - If required this can be aquired from your ICE contacts.
  • NHS number (UK) - Again this is not required.

The form is split into Personal Information, Emergency Contacts, Medical Information including Allergies.

You can change the information yourself at any time - unlike engraved medical / emergency ID where you would need to buy a new one.

Display ID Profile

Mobile Devices

Something to remember is that in an emergency, its not going to be your phone thats accessing the system.  At the moment about 88% of smartphones can access the system by tapping.  So the chances no one will have a mobile device which can't tap to retrieve your emergency ID profile are small.  Don't worry, iPhone's can still access the system by following the two step instructions displayed on every Tap4 ICE ID product.

If Android, Microsoft, Blackberry are available then NFC can be used and the ICE ID sticker, keyring or wristband can just be tapped to retrieve the emergency profile.

None Mobile Devices

We have tried to think of everything, and to keep it as simple as possible. 

There is still a possibility that no one will have a mobile device that can tap the ICE sticker to see the ICE profile.   Each sticker/wristbands/card has a unique code number printed on it, so all that anyone has to do is browse to the website and enter the code.  This works from any device with internet connectivity - tablet, mobile, computer (PC or Mac).