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ICE ID Stickers for motorcycle helmets in ABR Magazine

ICE ID Stickers for motorcycle helmets in ABR Magazine

Tap4ICE ID NFC ID Stickers for motorcycle helmets featured in March/April 2016 edition of ‘Adventure Bike Rider’ magazine in their ‘Hot Stuff’ section.

The reviewer started off with a brief explanation of what Tap4ICE ID helmet stickers are…. “An NFC In Case of Emergency Sticker that allows emergency services to gain access to your details in the event of an accident.” View ICE ID Stickers here

He continued.. “The premis behind Tap4 ICE ID stickers is a great one – if you have an accident when you’re out riding and in no state to give emergency personnel your details, they can simply tap the sticker with a near field communication (NFC) enabled device (most smart phones) and they’ll have access to your emergency and personal info – most importantly your next of kin details / emergency contacts.

The sticker has been designed to be placed on a helmet, with 3M adhesive providing a strong hold, and it features the paramedic start and ICE logos to help emergency services identify it.  While the NFC functionality of the tag won’t work on an iPhone (Apple has locked the iPhones NFC to only ApplePay), first responders can still follow the simple two step instructions on the sticker to access details via a web browser.

You enter your information via an intuitive online ‘dashboard’, and while some medical information may not be taken a gospel, the next of kin / emergency contact information could be extremely valuable if you are not carrying identification at the time of an accident.”

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With 3M adhesive, durable top coat, UV overlay, and waterproof these stickers can handle anything the weather can throw at them.

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