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NFC enabled phones os update

NFC enabled phones os update

How many NFC enabled phones in the world? – update

The last news post about NFC enabled phones  was at the end of 2015…. So time for an update

How many NFC phones in the world? This is still a question that initially puts some people off using anything that is NFC enabled because at the moment Apple iphones do not support NFC as an open format – They keep theirs lock down to their own systems.

Its not until you actually look at the market share of phones after you have heard the phrase ‘everyone has an iPhone’ when it becomes clear they don’t.  And also if you have an iPhone, its good to remember that – a: it probably won’t be your phone using the system in an emergency and b: the iPhone can still gain access to the emergency ID and medical profile by using the two step system printed on every Tap4 ICE ID product.

Below is a breakdown of smartphone operating systems worldwide according to IDC for Q2 of 2016

NFC enabled phone (which can use Tap4 ICE ID NFC feature)

  • Andriod – 87.6%
  • Windows Phone – 0.4%
  • Blackberry – 0.3%
  • TOTAL – 88.3% of Smartphones have NFC capabilities
  • (When we first commented on this at the end of 2015 this total was 85.7%)
  • iOS – 11.7%
  • (When we first commented on this at the end of 2015 this total was 13.9%)

From the figues above it’s clear that phone OS’s that have open NFC capabilities are in much greater supply than the Apple iPhone which does not (at the moment).

Apple iphones users can still use the Tap4 ICE ID system by using Safari (the built in browser) and simply following the two step instructions displayed on all Tap4 ICE ID products.

Mobiles, tablets, PC’s and Apple Macs can all use the Tap4 ICE ID emergency & medical system by either tapping the sticker, keytag or wristband or entering the unique code at the website.  Quickly gaining access to life saving information.

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